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The Vote

American Experience  2020⎪2x112 min


"In 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gave women the right to vote." It is an axiom of American history, often repeated and widely known. Yet seldom has an axiom more thoroughly obscured reality. In fact, the right to vote was not so much given, but won––by three generations of American women who, over the course of more than seven decades, carried out one of the most sustained and successful political movements in all of American history.


The Vote tells the story of the epic crusade for woman suffrage, delving deeply into the animating controversies that divided the nation in the early 20th century and offering an absorbing object lesson in the delicate, often fractious dynamics of social change.


"... an expansive yet tautly constructed work of history... an often-dreamy journey through the national memory."

The Wall Street Journal


2021 Peabody Award nominee

Official Peabody Nominee logo.png

Written and Directed by

Michelle Ferrari


Produced by

Connie Honeycutt

Michelle Ferrari


Edited by

Ilya Chaiken

Nancy Novack


Narrated by

Kate Burton


Original Score by

Nathan Halpern

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