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Rachel Carson

American Experience  2017⎪112 min


Few books in the history of American letters have been as controversial or as impactful as Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Published in the midst of the so-called Chemical Age, Carson's groundbreaking bestseller took aim at the widespread use of synthetic pesticides and raised provocative questions about the hidden costs of human progress. In the event, the book and its author provoked a fierce national argument about the pros and cons of tampering with nature, and effectively launched the modern environmental movement.


Rachel Carson recounts the dramatic tale of Silent Spring and of the demure, intensely private writer whose challenge to the orthodoxies of her time forever reframed our relationship to the natural world.


2018 Writers Guild of America nominee

Written and Directed by

Michelle Ferrari


Produced by

Rafael de la Uz

Michelle Ferrari


Director of Photography

Rafael de la Uz


Edited by

Peter Livingston, Jr.


Narrated by

Oliver Platt


Original Score by

Nathan Halpern

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