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Edison in his laboratory 1901_LOC_edited_edited.jpg


The Father of Invention

American Experience 2015⎪113 min


By the time he died in 1931, Thomas Alva Edison was one of the most famous men in the world. The holder of more patents than any other inventor in history, Edison had amassed a fortune and achieved glory as the genius behind such revolutionary inventions as sound recording, motion pictures, and electric light.

Edison explores the complex alchemy that accounts for the enduring celebrity of America’s most famous inventor, offering new perspectives on the man and his milieu, and illuminating not only the true nature of invention but its role in turn-of-the-century America’s rush into the future.

Written and Directed by

Michelle Ferrari


Produced by

Amanda Pollak

Michelle Ferrari


Edited by

George O'Donnell


Narrated by

Michael Murphy


Original Score by

John Kusiak

P. Andrew Willis

In association with Insignia Films

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